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Manufacturing and exporting a wide range of eco-friendly piping systems such as PPR piping system, ASTM PVC pressure plumbing system, and many others....

About Us

Our company is world widely known as one of the best in the industry of plastic piping. All our piping systems are used for sanitation, plumbing purposes and appreciated for their high quality. These are marketed under the brand name "VECTUS". In fact, we are amongst the largest producers of piping systems based on PPR-C (Poly Propylene Random Copolymer) in India. In the recent time, we have also ventured and established ourselves in the segment of Lead-Free PVC pressure, agriculture & sewage piping system.

Vectus Industries Ltd is engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide range of piping systems. The range includes PPR piping system, SWR & Agricultural PVC piping system, ASTM PVC pressure plumbing system, and PPR submersible pipes and coils. Each of these products contains an assortment of other products, each of which has a definite purpose and different specifications.

All our products fulfill the requirements of our customers regarding the transportation of water and sewage. These are widely appreciated for their durability and high quality, in various countries. To maintain the high quality standards of our products, we follow international standards in the entire manufacturing process.

Our Wide Network

Our commitment is to satisfy all our customers' requirements regarding the plastic piping systems offered by us. To fulfill this commitment, we have created a wide network of offices throughout India. We are operating via our corporate office, located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. We also have a registered office at Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh). In addition, we have various regional offices at following locations:
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Raipur
  • Gaya
  • Pune
  • Punjab
  • Jaipur
  • Howrah
  • Kolkata
  • Jalandhar
  • Ghaziabad
Products Offered

We are into the manufacturing, exporting, and supplying a range of plastic piping systems that are used for the applications of plumbing and sanitation. The entire range comprises following:
  • PPR piping system
  • SWR & Agricultural PVC piping system
  • ASTM PVC pressure plumbing system
  • PPR submersible pipe and coils
Some of the salient features of our products are as follows:
  • Chemical resistant
  • Compatible with environment
  • Less friction
  • Sound and heat insulation
  • Excellent welding features
  • Good heat stability

The complete range of products offered by us is as follows:

  PPR piping system SWR & Agricultural PVC Piping System  ASTM PVC Pressure Plumbing System


PN 10/SDR 11
Long Plug
Male Threaded Adaptor
PN 16/SDR 7.4
Tank Connection
Male Threaded Tee
PN 20/SDR 6
Pipe Clip
Female Threaded Union Coupling
End Cap
Male Threaded Union Coupling
Equal Tee
Plastic Body Ball Valve
Top Loading Ball Valve
Reducing Elbow
Gate Valve
Reducing Tee
Reducing Socket
Hole Repair Matrice
Female Threaded Elbow
Hole Repair Bar
Flange Core
Female Threaded Tee
Polyfusion Device
Flange Slipon (MS)
Female Threaded Adaptor
Welding Matrices (DIES)
Thread Plug
Male Threaded Elbow
Pipe Cutter

Moulded & Fabricated Fittings
Non Pressure Fittings
SWR uPVC Pipes
Selfit SWR PVC Pipes
Ringfit SWR PVC Pipes
SWR Moulded Fittings
45º Bend
Plain Bend
Door Bend
Plain Tee
Cross Tee (Plain)
Door Tee
Cross Tee (Door)
Cleaning Pipe
Plain Y
Double Y
Door Y
Door Double Y
Socket Plug
Door Cap
Nahani Trap
Multifloor Trap
Vent Cowl
Pipe Clips
Rubber Ring

Solvent Weld Pipe
Threaded Plumbing Pipes
Equal Tee
Cross Tee
Reducing Tee
Reducing Bush
End Cap
M.T.A. (Plastic)
F.T.A. (Plastic)
Female Threaded 90º Elbow (Metal Insert)
Male Threaded Joint (Metal Insert)
Female Threaded Joint (Metal Insert)
Female Threaded Tee (Metal Insert)
Ball Valve
Circuit Testing Plug
Pipe Clip

Features of Vectus Plumbing System

Widely demanded and used in various countries, Vectus plumbing systems possess following features:

  • Unique triple layer design
  • Certified anti-microbial plumbing system
  • Only Vectus plumbing system is protected against UV radiation for outdoor application
  • Long-term performance of over 50 years, even under high mechanical stress
  • High internal pressure resistance
  • Fast and easy installation as compared to all other piping systems
  • Cost effective, lowest on pocket, highest on satisfaction
  • Non corrosive, no calcification, non contracting diameter, as compared to the conventional plumbing system
  • Very smooth surface, minimal pressure drops, highest on performance
  • Homogeneous joints, guaranteed leak-proof for life
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High temperature-resistance, can effectively resist up to 93C
  • Sound insulation, no more disturbing sounds from the walls
  • Low specific weight, easy transportation and handling
  • Energy saving due to low thermal conductivity
  • Flexibility and toughness allows their use in highly seismic zones
Quality Assurance

We follow an established quality assurance policy in our company, to ensure that every piping system developed by us is of superior quality. With the assistance of this policy, we have acquired various test certificates that are enlisted below:
  • Certificate of Excellence: Sanitized AG, Switzerland
  • Testing of Water - Effluents - Air - Materials: DWTL, Delhi
  • The migration test on pipe samples of PP-R.: Deptt of CE, IIT, Delhi
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test on PPRC pipe samples: IIT, Delhi
  • Testing of Water - Effluents - Air - Materials: DWTL, Delhi
  • Tripple Layer PPR Pipe Test: CIPET, MCF, Govt. of India, Bhopal
  • Test for Creep Strength & Overal Migration: CIPET, Bhopal
  • Tripple Layer PPR Pipe Test: CIPET, Ministry of Chemical & Fertilizers, Govt. of India
  • Thickness of Pipe, Creep/Impact Strength, Heat Reversion Test:CIPET
  • PPRC Pipe: CIPET, Ministry of Chemical & Fertilizers, Govt. of India, Mysore
  • Test for Ultra Violet Radiation test (UV): CIPET, Mysore
According to our quality policy, we conduct tests are all stages of the production to ensure that only the flawless and high quality UPVC pipes and fittings are send to our customers. There are various tests carried out on the developed products. Following tests are done according to the IS 12235 - 1986:
  • Part 1 :     Measurement of outside diameter
  • Part 2 :     Measurement of wall thickness
  • Part 3 :     Test for opacity
  • Part 4 :     Determining the detrimental effect on the composition of water
  • Part 5 :     Reversion test
  • Part 6 :     Stress relief test
  • Part 7 :     Resistance to sulphuric acid
  • Part 8 :     Internal hydrostatic pressure test
  • Part 9 :     Impact strength at 00C
In addition, Sulfated Ash Content Test is done as per IS 4985 : 2000, and Density Test is done as per IS 13360 / Part 3 / Sec 1.

Quality Control

There are various aspects of quality control followed in our company. These aspects ensure that the plastic piping systems offered by us, are precise and work well in diverse conditions. Some of these aspects are system control, internal control, test and acceptance of incoming goods, in - process inspection and test, process control, final inspection and test, external control, and storage / packing / dispatch. Each one of these is briefed below:
  • System Control
All the processes and results of work operations have to be properly documented. This requires following:
  • Test and acceptance of incoming goods
  • Process control
  • In-Process Inspection and test
  • Final Inspection and test
We follow following regulations for the quality control of potable water pipes system:
  • DIN-Guidelines
  • DVGW - Working Sheets
  • Supervisory Regulations of the SKZ (Suddeutsches Kunststoff - Zentrum)
These guidelines and standards explain the least needs for the internal control. The conformity with the standards is verified via laboratory tests and internal audits, by independent institutes.
  • Internal Control
Internal control of quality includes that the all the tests are carried out different stages by skilled personnel, in innovative laboratory. Following tests are conducted:
  • Control of Inspection, measuring and test equipment
  • Process and production control
  • Receiving Inspection and test
  • In - Process Inspection and test
  • Final Inspection and test
All these internal quality control tests are properly documented and saved.            
  • In - Process Inspection and test    
Before the commencement of manufacturing, entire data related to quality is by our quality assurance department. Also, pre-manufacture samples are tested by technicians on following parameters:
  • Surface finish
  • Dimensional accuracy of the samples
  • Data from extrusion and injection moulding machines
  • Process control
Process data recording and ultrasonic measurement in the segment of extrusion are the part of process control. Ultrasonic automatically measures & reports the deviations in the tolerance factor. This report is send to the cutting device of extrusion machine. This ensures that that the sizing plant automatically isolates the substandard product. Hence, only the high quality products are packed and stacked.
  • Final Inspection and Test
All the finalized products are inspected and tested by following time laps test procedures. Also, the results are properly documented. These tests determine the weakness of the production stage. Following the final inspections and tests carried out:
  • Dimensional control
  • Surface finish
  • Measurement of the melt flow index
  • Impact bending test
  • Heat reversion test
  • Homogeneity of the material
  • Behavior under long period stressing   
  • External Control    
It comprises tests of pre-determined scope, at fixed intervals. The external control consists of product's tests and following:
  • Internal audit of Vectus's quality assurance system and test procedures
  • Calibration of the test equipment
  • Hygienic and toxology tests     
  • Storage / Packing / Dispatch
The products passed through quality control are stored in a well-managed warehouse. The 'internal instructions' are responsible for controlling these stages of the product.


We manufacture a range of piping systems by using the processes of extrusion and injection moulding. This has assisted us in becoming the market leader in developing polypropylene supply systems. To meet our production targets, we have two factories, one at Haridwar and second at Kashipur, both in Uttarakhand, India. The tow factories are designed and developed as per the industry guidelines, along with ensuring that these conform to the environment protection policy.

All our piping systems and their manufacturing processes are environment friendly. During the manufacturing process, we make sure that there are no types of pollutants developed as a by-product. Even if there are some by-products, then we ascertain that these are properly treated so that they do not harm the environment.

In addition, we also use environmentally friendly materials in the production process. To ensure their environmental compatibility, all the additives (colour pigments & stabilizers) present in it are duly tested in our own laboratory as well as in prestigious independent laboratories. Some of the important ecological advantages of our products are:
  • PVC free
  • The additive share of Vectus product is below 3%
  • Free from heavy metals that are hazardous to health (e.g. Cu, pb, N)
  • Longevity
  • Recyclable
Why Us?

There are various factors, which keeps us ahead of our competitors in the global arena. Some of these are as follows:
  • Remain conscious of customers' changing requirements
  • Applying teamwork to realize our vision
  • Achieve targets on time and completely
  • Never accept inferior quality in products, work, material or equipments

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